Blast from the Past...PC Lighting


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Okay, this question totally dates me. I was an ardent PC user when I had a tank at home early in this millenium. Yep, I stockpiled lamps for $3 when they were being discontinued (anybody remember 03 actinic and smart bulbs?). So fast forward to now and like everything else in a classroom I have some lighting decades behind the time - haha just kidding. So we are setting up a softie tank so PC lighting is great but I would like to change the lamps. OF COURSE the fixture is straight-pin and my massive bulb supply in that length seems to all be square-pin!
I'm sure one could rewire the endcaps but I was wondering if anybody knows if there is an adapter to plug them into the exsiting sockets?


The only place I know had square to straight adapters was aquatraders in San Bruno but they closed/moved long ago.
I had some adapters but doubt I kept any; haven’t seen any when moving things around.
I’ll do some search for such adapters...


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I would just replace the socket with a square pin socket.
But without actually seeing the fixture in question not sure if that's a simple task or an easy task :)


I’m sure the adapters would be available on ebay but finding them a PITA
As Mike states, changing to the square base connector would be the way to go.
BTW, modifying the fixture to T5 would only require the lamp holders and some wire extensions.
If the ballasts power a 65W PC lamp, the T5 to use would be a 54W
Some ballasts can be wired for two T5 but only if you can see the wiring diagram on the ballast, otherwise is just another PITA just to try to fire two lamps.