Bonus/Ultra LPS & non-Zoa softy - 2021 Update


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This list has been updated for 2021, it largely involved removing or moving stuff around, a few things were added. Remember you can always ask if you're curious, do ask that you take a picture or link one that isn't under nothing but blue/violet light and taken with a filter, standard RBTAs can look pretty insane in that case!

Bonus Soft Corals (mushrooms should be size of quarter at least)
Bicolor Rock flower Anemone
Interstellar Mushroom
Rainbow Bubble Tipped Anemone
Rainbow Yuma mushroom
Red St. Thomas Mushroom
Tequilla Sunrise mushroom

Ultra Soft Corals and others: Should be size of a nickel at least
Jawbreaker Mushroom
Bounce Mushroom
Eclectus Mushroom
CSB Bubble Tipped Anemone
Lemon drop Bubble Tipped Anemone

Bonus Round LPS Corals:
3 Eyes - Avatar Chalice
2 Head - Aussie Highlighter Hammer
2 head - Aussie Pink-Tip Torch
3 head - Bi-color Hammer
2 head - Bi-color Frogspawn
2 head - Bi-color Torch
1 head - Branching Gold Hammer
1 Head – Dendrophyllia
3 Eyes - Goldmeister Chalice
1 Inch - JF Dayglo Favia
1 Inch - JF Freak Hair
2 Eyes – JF Pinata Chalice
3 eyes - Mummy Eye Chalice
1 head - Orange Crush Acan
2 eye - Pink Boobie Chalice
1 inch - Space Invader Pectinia
3 Eyes - Watermelon Chalice
3 Eyes - WWC Space Invader Chalice

Ultra LPS Corals:
1 inch - AOA Molten Lava Leptoseris
1 head - Australian Gold Torch
2 eye - Bazooka Joe Chalice
1 eye - CB Flaming Bugatti Chalice
1 Inch - CC Full Tilt Favia
1 head - Indo Gold Torch
2 head - Holy grail micromussa
1 head - Tyree Elegance
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What about the rainbow Yuma mushroom, Iron man mushroom, or Tequila sunrise mushroom for bonus consideration?


Iron man:

Tequila sunrise:


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Sorry about that, the old list had "blastos" which was way too vague and I suspect was an editing error of some kind. Don't know if the original author (years back) mean blastomusa merletti, blastomusa wellsi which are the two more common type, I suspect wellsi but then what colors? the very common teal with reddish rim? all red? or some other mixture of colors. Feel free to post a picture we can always include something if it's special.


There's also B. vivida, which is even larger in polyp than B. wellsi. Last saw one at RAP a couple of years ago and failed to snag it before someone else did. :(


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Should remove the Lemon drop BTA and replace with Chicago sunburst BTA.
Well if someone wants to potentially bring that for a future swap, by all means post it and it can be evaluated for it's appropriate level of "rarity". As it is everything isn't listed because it'd make an unreasonably long list to have to go through especially for things that don't ever plan on getting thrown into the swap, so putting up 1 or 2 ultras is more than enough.


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Would a beach bum monti qualify as a bonus frag?
That is better asked in the SPS section of bonus, but initially I'd say yes as a bonus coral... depending upon what it looks like. I've seen a number of "named montis" that look rather drab and unimpressive even though they were sold as X & Y coral to a person.