Borrowing the Club’s - 3 MQ-510 PAR Meters

Jonathan Chia

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I won't be able to make it up to the penisula/SF to pick up the par meter...Once if the par meter is in the south bay again, would appreciate a heads up so I can pick up...Others that are closer to the SF please feel free to move ahead of me


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I know driving's a pain I am willing to meet somebody halfway we just need to get this par meter moving


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It doesn’t make sense to go right to the bottom of the list.
I get that but to my understanding I was on the list of the different thread and then this particular meter got moved to the current thread and so I got put on the bottom, I didn’t just add my name yesterday

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I’m glad everyone is working together on this. The goal of course is to keep all 3 meters moving so that there basically is no waiting list. Easily achievable in my opinion, if everyone takes the 7-day rule seriously.

It doesn’t even have to be 7 days, lots of times people are just checking a tweak they made to their lights and it only takes 1 day to do that and pass it on locally, if this is organized up front.