Borrowing the Club’s - PAR meter #2


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Hi if it’s okay with east bay folks and BODs could I come pick up the meter from @Coral reefer in SF this weekend? Assuming @Angry Andy and @Jmromero63 would want to coordinate pick up with @The_Lazy_Reefer on that side of the bay... I’m in no rush but thought I’d suggest. Thank you
Funny thing is I’d assume you’d grab the meter from me when you grab the prime tomorrow to kill 2 birds with one stone.


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Thanks. I’ll pick up from @Coral reefer this weekend, only 5 min drive away from me. @The_Lazy_Reefer i know I could pick one up from you tomorrow with the prime but leave that with you for @Angry Andy to pick up. I get crossing the bridge and back can be a pain :). Oh I’m going to Neptune to look at that second shipment of indo stuff :p who else loves driving all around the bay? Lol


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Seen the list is short and i just upgrade new lights... i would like get in the list
@Coral reefer in progression
@Angry Andy Concord
@Jmromero63 Tracy
@MonkeyReefer SF
@Dongta408 San mateo
Please make sure to keep the list structure when you copy/paste, and everyone remember we have 2 meters in this thread! This last post deleted that important info.


Have meters:
@The_Lazy_Reefer - Oakland
@Coral reefer - San Fran

Waiting list:
@Angry Andy - Concord (work in Oakland)
@Jmromero63 - Tracy (work in Union City)
@MonkeyReefer - San Francisco
@Dongta408 - San Mateo