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Bounce Shroom?

John Rillamas

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SoCal LFS is selling this as a bounce shroom, is that correct? Rather interesting creature, but not like the uber bloated vesicles I’ve seen.
Reminds me, here's one of mine that bounced. Wild vietnamese yuma I've collected some years ago that came in relatively normal but bounced as it grew... have yet to name it! :D

Colors under white are less impressive though :)



Hard to see what colors that ric is under all that blue.

Seen plenty of these around instead and picked one up awhile back. Under whites, next to a "rainbow" Florida.

That JB does look slightly different; it'll be interesting to see how it does over time. Momma JB, who's slowly getting her greens in, walked to the back of the tank where it's almost impossible to take a pic of her.