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Can I leave a clam on eggcrate? Or does it need to sit on rock?


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I picked up one of the rejected clams (it's brown and not blue) from Apon at the last frag trade. I wasn't planning on it, but I didn't want Arnold stuck with a bunch of "extra" livestock. Had I planned on it, I'd have grabbed a blue one!

Anyway, so not it's sitting on an eggcrate rack that I made for my frags and I'm wondering if clams NEED to sit on rock or a rock-like surface and not on some plastic grid. I believe they like to send out some sort of anchoring threads or something?

Any clam-xperts out there?




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I dont think it matters what you sit it on. If its happy, it will eventually grab hold of whatever its on.


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Better egg crate than sand imo. I have failed miserably with clams on sand bed.

They prefer rocks and crevices but egg crate works.

There's someone on R2R with a crazy clam collection...all on egg crates. Sono worries there

It moves because of lightand flow...
The biggest worry with the egg crate is removing them without significant foot damage.

I stored all of mine in the frag tank. I used deli containers with crushed coral and they all did fine.

I have one that's now attached to a frag disc and another one that has attached itself to the "clam cozy" I made.


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It would be hard not to move it, the frag rack is makeshift in the main tank. I would want to move it eventually. I guess I'll find something for it to attach to, maybe simpliest to find a broken ceramic plant pot piece?

Cutting the pice of egg crate isn't a bad idea.

Some kind of container with crushed coral is how most vendors keep them. No risk of damaging the foot.