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Clown not eating in QT


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Started my QT a few days ago. Here is my copper power &metro dosing schedule

CP mlHannaMetroplex

Have 5 small chromis, 2 clown. All are roughly 1". 10g QT tank. Ammonia badge showing 0 ammonia. 78 F.

The chromis took a day to adjust to the QT. Now eating and picking on each other like all chromis do. Saw some seizure like shaking yesterday, but in the evening they seems fine.

Clown seem to sulk up at the corner for a day, now venturing out more. however, they are still not that interested in food. One is eating a tiny bit, but the other one shows zero interest.

Should i get worried? I have 10g of fresh saltwater mix up. I can do 100% water change if i need to. I read it may take a while for new fish to start eating, especially with copper.

I'm planning to monitor the clown for a couple of days. Will do bring down copper with water change if things get worst.

I read conflicting info on copper dosing. Some says you can and should bring up copper to full 2ppm from day one, and other prefer to take it slow over 4-5 days. I thought i pick the middle ground, 0-2ppm in 3 days.
is that a big mistake?

Any thought if i should intervein immediately?


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I don't know much about how copper dosing affects fish but I do know that when I got my first clown fish, they hid in the corners of my tank for the first few days without eating. If you see the fish start venturing out of corners then that is probably a good sign.

Don't forget that fish can go many days without eating. In my main tank I feed my clownfish only a few pellets a day and the smallest one in my tank might not get any food for almost a week.


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The clown is finally eating a bit of newly hatched brine. Not a lot, but its progress. I'll keep the copper level as-is for now.