CRC Crystal Flame


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Ive had this coral for a few years and its been to hell and back. Its been threw poor lighting ( browned out for a long time ) almost thought it was gonna die more than once. Alk swings. You name it and at one or another its probably been there too. Now its been under much better lighting ( Radion Pros ) and overall much better conditions. Its spot fed twice a week with reef roids and oyster feast. There are 7 frags and Mike ( coral reefer has is getting 1 making 6 available. When I took this frag It was with the intention to keep passing it on the supporting members. It was free to me which is why its free to everyone else within the club. Please don't ask for this frag if your tank can not support sps. Depending on the response I may have to pick where it goes. Regardless I plan on fragging it again so if you miss out on this round there will be more. I may even bring a few frags to the swap


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Bruce and Mike got ya both covered. Bruce you’ll have to hit Coral Reefer up on that biggest one. 4 left


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I’m interested if there are any still available.

If anyone on the Board picks one up before our BOD meeting at my house weekend after next, could you give it to them? Maybe Mike @Coral reefer?