Cutting stem off frag plugs


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Alright... Im pissed... I just broke my nicely encrusted and nearly double in size frag of PC Rainbow in half trying to cut the stem off the frag plug to put in my display... This happens the majority of the time I try to cut the plugs. :mad:

Short of a Bandsaw, is there a better way? I use coral bone cutters or diagonal cutters...

Hopefully it still grows out from here!

Bruce Spiegelman

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Usually easier to remove the frag from the plug itself. If it's completely encrusted then I use bone cutters , but I place a cloth inside a small plastic container before I cut. Then it's doesn't fly off.Also, use LARGE bone Cutters. Makes it a "snap."
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It largely depends upon what the frag plug is made of, I find those rather "rough" ones that look like they made from sand/concrete tend to break off rather easily, where as ones that were fired in an oven (ceramic?) are a lot more difficult.


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Dremel or band saw, I retired my small/large bone cutters -after finding them give me mess results.

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Ahh I don't know why I didn't think of a dremel! I probably wouldn't use it to frag the corals themselves, but it makes sense for the stems. Except I cant really do it in the livingroom, but I can work around that.

My other thought is pre scoring the stems before mounting frags, so they easily pop off later.