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DBTC: Battle Corals Adam Bomb!

Arvin R

Coral description
BC Adam Bomb!
Coral light, flow, and difficulty
High Flow, High Light
BC Adam Bomb! from Dan's tank breakdown. Anyone who has a piece from this breakdown and wants to give to DBTC can in this chain.

Rules: Standard DBTC rules + Giver gets to choose who will receive a frag when one is available. Automatically getting in line for a frag does not guarantee you will get a frag and order of people in line does not have any affect.

In order to be considered for a frag, you MUST have a tank journal and have supporting evidence that you and your system can support and keep alive higher end SPS.
I like frags...
Lemme see if I have another one healed or if not I can cut for ya after I deal with these AEFWs that I have....I'm pretty sure I got it from one of the colonies from Dan's break down as it was the only addition to one of my frag tanks then I saw the AEFWs.....