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DBTC, or Don't Break The Chain, is a program that BAR has employed for several reasons.

We want to promote captiveley propagated frags. They are typically healthier, will change color less, and carry a lesser impact on the environment than wild harvested corals in multiple ways. They are not being taken from natural reefs, and they don't need to be transported and shipped multiple times.

It helps members keep track of what type of corals they have and their names, establishes a traceable lineage for each coral, and builds up a database of knowledge about each coral through the documented experiences of different members.

It is a good idea to give out frags of your corals to friends so that if you lose your coral you can get a frag of it from someone else to restart your colony with.

It's awesome to share! I think (almost) all of us passed kindergarten...unless you were a genius block builder and tag player, you probably know how to share. It's a great way to meet other members of your club.

What this has come to mean over the years is this:
You agree to grow out the coral you receive, frag it when large and healthy enough, and distribute AT LEAST 2 frags as large or larger than what you got to other members before you trade it, swap it, or sell it.

Many people have extra rules that they like to include in the chains they start such as:
Must have a tank journal
Must have started or fulfilled x number of chains
Must provide updates every so often, including pics
Do not ever sell
Prefer it not be sold. Obviously some grey area here. On purpose.

It is totally up to the person starting the chain to specify any additional rules besides the standards, including how they will choose who to give their frags to. It is not a first come first served situation. It is important to choose members you believe will not only be able to grow out, propagate, and pass on the frags you give them, but make a commitment to do so. Failure is not the end of the world, but a lack of commitment is not cool. The program relies on members taking the commitment seriously, and staying in the hobby long term enough to keep the chain going.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to update the tracker and add their frag to the chain and keep it updated, even if it dies, and abide by any and all rules set forth in any given chain.

Occasionally there are members who have acquired a coral that seems to be the exact same as one of the dbtc corals via means other than receiving a frag from the existing chain such as a frag swap, or purchase. If it can be verified they got the piece from a source that can be traced back to the chain they can offer frags into the chain. It is always a good idea to check with the original chain starter to get their approval and or see if anyone can confirm the lineage of your coral before offering new frags into an existing chain. Ideally they would be added into the original post as having priority if they’re in need a piece back.
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