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Election for a New Treasurer

Vote for Josh as Treasurer

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Staff member
We are excited that Josh @Josh Kinsell has raised his hand and volunteered to be our new Treasurer. While relatively new to BAR, Josh was the Treasurer of his club back in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (DFWMAS) prior to relocating out here to the Bay Area. I would like to thank Mark @rygh for his contribution as Treasurer and his willingness to being both our Treasurer and Webmaster.

Please cast a yes or no vote for your support to have Josh as our Treasurer in the next 7 days.


Staff member
I hope some more people got to meet Josh at CFM. We will be very fortunate to have him as Treasurer.

By the way- Please vote in the poll above. For those of you using TapaTalk, it doesn’t show our polls so you’d need to visit our website in a browser to vote:


Staff member
A quick bump. Hope people vote yes.
Being Treasurer was a fun privilege, and a good way to support the club, but it was never really my thing.