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Experimental BJD Treatment On Gold Torch w/ Cipro


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So, I have a super rare Indo yellow torch that started to recede and brown jelly started to form. I heard a customer was doing a whole tank treatment with great success but I wasn’t ready to take that risk so I’am experimenting with isolated long term treatment using Cipro.

The concentration I’am using is 60mg of Cipro per 750ml of tank water. Dipped for 6 hours per day for 3 consecutive days. Keeping the dip container under lower light and the same temp as the tank. Easy to do with specimens container.

It went through 2 dips so far. Today, before I gave it a 3rd dip, I noticed the coral was significantly better looking and all the tentacles were out so I am continuing with the 3rd dip! Wish me luck! The result after the 2nd dip looks very positive!


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Going to repeat the same treatment on another struggling Euphyllia. I’ve tried 30 mins Cipro dip on this one before but it doesn’t seems to be enough so I am going to do it for 24 hours. So far, I’ve tried Lugols, Revive, Bayer, and short term Cipro. Nothing seems to to help.