Experimental BJD Treatment On Gold Torch w/ Cipro


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I wish anyone had followed up on that thread on brown jelly treatment with before and after tank biome tests. Or had a before/after photo of their tank or otherwise disclosed how many of each type of coral they had so we’d have more confidence this treatment is safe for different corals. Even in the one experiment Aquabiomics ran, he mentioned he needed to follow up with a controlled experiment.

Well, based on my understanding of antibiotics in people, you’re going to lose some of your bacterial diversity every time you use antibiotics but the ones you lose will be the microbes with the lowest counts. So for this to work (take out BJD and not negatively affect good microbes) the BJD bacteria has to be a very small population compared to other bacteria. So hypothetically the best result will be from an isolated dip on the affected corals with a high dose of antibiotics before hitting the entire tank with the lowest effective dose of antibiotics.

The question is then what the lowest effective dose of antibiotics is to eradicate BJD bacteria without removing too many other important bacteria populations since the goal is to maintain or increase microbe diversity.


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Would this be the same treatment you would use on bleached torch to get its color back?
No. Bleached coral is a result of bailed symbiotic zooxantheallae not bacterial infection. So, as long as you correct the condition(s) and make the environment ideal again, your affected coral can recover from being bleached on its own. Iodine does seems to help bleached corals cope better though.


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Going to repeat the same treatment on another struggling Euphyllia. I’ve tried 30 mins Cipro dip on this one before but it doesn’t seems to be enough so I am going to do it for 24 hours. So far, I’ve tried Lugols, Revive, Bayer, and short term Cipro. Nothing seems to to help.

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Update: to my surprised, the Octo spawn made it! This is the first time I’ve successfully save a wall Euphyllia from certain death!
So, I have a super rare Indo yellow torch that started to recede and brown jelly started to form. I heard a customer was doing a whole tank treatment with great success but I wasn’t ready to take that risk so I’am experimenting with isolated long term treatment using Cipro.

The concentration I’am using is 60mg of Cipro per 750ml of tank water. Dipped for 6 hours per day for 3 consecutive days. Keeping the dip container under lower light and the same temp as the tank. Easy to do with specimens container.

It went through 2 dips so far. Today, before I gave it a 3rd dip, I noticed the coral was significantly better looking and all the tentacles were out so I am continuing with the 3rd dip! Wish me luck! The result after the 2nd dip looks very positive!View attachment 26935View attachment 26937
Hey Robert, it's Sonny (the guy that always buys the carpet nems)

So far i'm having pretty good success with dosing the display tank with cipro (just as you said you heard one of your customers did). I've used 3 different lots of cipro, in two separate tanks full of nems. I've lost a couple of nems (but i think they were sick for a couple of weeks and already dying). The ones that just recently got sick, started to do better, and now they do not look sick anymore. No more deflating. Although cipro is a broad spectrum antibiotic, it doesnt seem to impact nitrifying bacteria. All my livestock was not impacted and never showed any sign of stress (sexy shrimps, nasarius snails, hermit crabs, tube works, fish, coral, margarita snails, turbo snails, clams, and etc). I dose 250mg/10 gal.

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