Follow up on the walk-in members at the swap


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Any BOD know the status of our 2 new guys who joined BAR at the swap? One of them is Daniel, a reefer whom I brought to the swap (he was having trouble signing up online due to a glitch with gmail and BAR site). I don't know the name of the other guy, but I think he had a similar issue. At the moment, Daniel is still unable to access the site as a member even though he paid via paypal and participated at the swap. Not sure about the other guy. Anyway, just wanted to check in and see if things are moving along (i.e. payments to bar paypal made and received, members retroactively added to our member list, etc). Thanks!


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LazyReefer was one, I think. I didn't register anyone and don't know any other info. Info not on PayPal?


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We had one member that’s not a paid member and he had some corals at the swap
But definitely not lazyreefer

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If I am to continue as one of the check-in persons for these events, I would appreciate some hands-on training on the use of the 'Square' or of ways to get a person signed up for the club. Any help would be appreciated.