Frankenstein bounce reproduction question

A Aaron

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So I know almost all if not all mushrooms spit out baby’s from their foot and they pop out from under their skirt usually or whatever. Does anyone know definitively from experience that the Frankenstein bounce does the same? I have a large one probably 3x4” and it hasn’t done anything. My jaw breaker and Neptune bounce spit out baby’s when they were the size of a quarter. Looking around at other forums I actually don’t see anyone saying that they spit out baby’s but a lot of people cut them. So maybe they don’t reproduce barley at all and that’s why they get cut a lot? Thanks


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It's a rhodactis -- most common natural cloning is through pedal laceration. As it moves across rocks, it can sometimes leave tissue behind which grows into a new shroom. BUT if your frank isn't moving, it's not dropping babies.

JBs and neptune also do the same. Yumas tend to drop babies on the other hand but can also form babies through pedal laceration...


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I had a maxi-mini carpet walk near my sunkist when I was tossing everything into the lagoon and zap the hell out of it, now I have like 3 or 4 sunkists :D

A Aaron

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Thanks for the info guys. I think I’m going try that like in the video. When I first got it I wasn’t willing to try anything but at this point I am.

It makes sense now. So my neptune and jb I glued the frag plug on a slant and they have been sliding down while dropping a couple baby’s. The Frankenstein it’s on a flat tile and isn’t moving. Maybe putting it at a 45 degree might get it moving a bit. I have some things to try. Thanks guys.