License to krill

Free 150g Cube Tank and Cabinet


Most of you know the story behind the tank; I need to find it a good home.

Marineland DD 150g cube tank and a well made cabinet.

I looked through craigslist for the person who posts wanted free aquarium stuff but BAR has first dibs always. If no home is found in a month, I'll post on RC and try to get a hold of the cl person.


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Oh, I met him before.
Seemed such a nice gentleman.
Evil little bugger :)
Yeah, he used his disorder to take advantage people but I would never thought....


Well, scratch the cl person off the plan; there are morals that need to be shown. I honestly don’t care if he was to make a buck or two but the language used lacks morals...
Maybe we should all continuously troll that guy offering to buy or give him stuff and never come through. And definitely flag his posts if you’re on cl


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I don’t browse CL very often; how do we tell which listings are his?
I think he always posts in North San Jose and they’re usually posts for “complete setups,” junky little plastic tanks, etc...