Free: clear water algae scrubber cw200 housing


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I have a clear water algae scrubber housing that was not bonded correctly and clear water sent me a replacement. Free to whoever wants to rebind it and make a diy scrubber.

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Pick up in SJ? I need an excuse to go to Neptune’s
I can try to toy with it and maybe find it a home?
If someone else expresses interest in it, please go ahead; think I have some DIY fixings lined up...


On the forums south of the border, many people use a scrubber; I would read about the “scrubbers” but we have nice toys available here so I just never really knew what it was or does for a reef becuse I had a fuge with macro.
I recall seeing a thick super green mat; almost moss-like algae and the person removing it to grow more of that stuff and using a twist-CFL bulb; simple as that.
I’m not sure how a “grow-light” works for this purpose; I had a small LED in magenta coloration over the refugium and did not see any growth of the macro-algae in there; switched for a small daylight LED and the macro is happy.
I discovered some tiny chunks of red algae, pissibly gracilaria, dragon’s breath but until it grows, I will know what it is.
So far what I have lined up as DIY projects/fixes

RSR170 stand and plumbing
30g frag tank and cabinet (need hinges for doors and make an external OF box for it.
Two glass tanks also external OF box
50g cube re-do all silicone
58g rimless make a cabinet
Refinishing a Leemar cabinet
30g rimless cube cabinet
RODI and SW mixing station
Retrofit an old Outer Orbit MH/T5 with LEDs
Bond the Scrubber box properly
Make my on sump (I should have kept the one I made)

Destroy my brother’s ugly cabinet and force him to make me make him a nice one.

So, if things run smooth, maybe I’ll finish most of this projects in 1 or 2; maybe 10 years top... and I still have to hook the Calcium Reactor, darn it...