Free sticks for supporting members


Supporting Member
I have some small and not very small broken pieces for supporting members - most of it came from the club, for some I can't find DBTC threads for some I did ( purple stylo, blue milli, tubbs monti) :
Copps Calacali Acro - 1 frag
Green slimer - 3-4 good size frags, can be glued together
Purple stylophora - 2 frags
Palmiers Blue Milli - 2 small frags
Blue Digitata - 1 frag
Ultra dragon zoa - 1 frag

Pickup from Pleasant Hill.

PS - I don't have a frag tanks so those will not stay alive for too long so hurry up.
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Eugene, very generous of you!

The DBTC threads are all still there, just the tracker module isn’t.

I think for transparency’s sake it would be nice if people getting freebies would post. Otherwise it’s just a black hole where they went.