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[FRESHWATER] Cycled handmade ceramic feeding dish PIF


Supporting Member
I handmade a (1.5in diameter) shrimp/herbivore feeding dish with food-safe stoneware ceramic and it's been in my HOB for 8 months. Yes, there is algae on it. No, it will not nuke your tank.

I quite like it, but if there's a freshwater beginner who's getting into shrimp-keeping I'm not opposed to giving it away to help perpetuate the hobby.

Use it as starter media for your filter, use it as a feeding dish, whatever you want. You do not need to be a supporting member, but ideally you should be a beginner to freshwater or to shrimp - this is a "kickstart the process" thing.

Pickup @ Clearwater Aquarium (not on their behalf, it's just convenient and near me).