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Great visit to ReefaPalooza


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It was very nice meeting you Scott , thanks for the chance to flight with you , really wonderful experience , and also we got some frags from reef a palooza .

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Oh damn, I completely misunderstood what you meant by flying down. Thought you meant Southwest or some other airlines not *YOU* flew down :D

Makes it a lot easier to get by TSA with bags of water though eh?


Wish I had a chance at this. Post some pictures of the flight. It must have been an exciting trip. Any feedback on RAP? pics? videos?


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I know, I wish I knew you guys were literally flying down in a private plane, on an "in and out" trip. I didn't want to drive down or even fly down for the weekend, because I don't have that type of time to spare. But, I quick flight like what you guys did would have been great.


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I understood what they were talking about but I didn’t think they’d go for a detour to pick me up in CO.