GROW-OUT CONTEST: Pink Boobies Chalice - Growth Tracking


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This is the growth tracking thread. All participants will upload their pictures to this thread.

This contest is a friendly competition to see whose tank and husbandry techniques can grow corals the fastest. The TWO people with the most growth at the end of the contest will win a prize.

The Coral

  • Name: Pink Boobies Chalice
  • Colors:
    • Pink
    • Yellow, Orange, Green Eyes
  • Origin: a friend of a friend of @@grizfyrfyter
Here's a picture of the coral.

How does this Contest Work?
  1. Pick up at a BAR sponsor or make arrangements with @@grizfyrfyter
  2. Post a picture of your frag ONCE a month before the 7th of each month or you are disqualified.
    • Everyone gets 1 Cheat Month where they can miss a picture submission.
  3. On Oct 8 2019, the two people with the most number of NEW GROWTH eyes are the winners. Winners will be announced at the Regional Frag Swap. GCs available then.
TWO Prizes
  1. A 80$ Gift Card to any of BAR's Local Fish Store Sponsor (You choose which one).
  2. A 30$ Gift Card to any of BAR's Local Fish Store Sponsor (You choose which one).
  • If you don't post a picture of the frag at least once a month, you are disqualified.
    • Everyone gets 1 Cheat Month
  • The Winners must write a summary of his or her experience with the coral i.e. conditions kept, learning lessons, etc.
  • Judges reserve the right to change these rules if needed.

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Let me know if I'm missing anyone.

Go ahead and post your initial pictures as soon as you have your frag along with your starting number of eyes.


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Hmm. I'm trying to edit the post and I get a ....

This page isn’t working
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Does anyone know what this is about?

Here's the updated table.


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If this is going to be your official stating picture make sure you include how many eyes it has.


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I think official ones should be posted the day it starts or after. I don’t want anyone having a head start...including myself


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Here’s my official one because I leaving town and won’t be able to snap a first pic.

5 heads/eyes


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Are you going to do something about the bubbles?

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The bubble algae? Honestly don’t know what to do about them, tried siphoning them out and they just grow back. Not sure if siphoning makes it worse because some break in the process. Open to suggestions though!

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