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Gyre XF330 in a reefer 350

Jonathan Chia

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The xf330 has a max glass thickness of .5", but I believe the reefer 350 is at 5/8"

Would the magnet still work? Or would there be a way to use a stronger magnet? I would get a xf350 but think there might be too much flow


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Why do you think it will be too much flow? You could always turn it down (at least to its lowest setting).
Well. .5" < 5/8" so I'd say no it won't work, they usually over estimate thickness too so like it will just barely work on half inch.

They might sell a magnet upgrade kit, or you could use stronger magnets on the outside, but you might end up spending more on magnets than the cost of a xf350. you can always dial down the xf350
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I have an XF 280 I run on 3/4” glass and another I ran on 3/4” acrylic. Both do well, but they are rated for 1 1/4” walls
I tried running an XF150 (same 3/4” rating as a 250) on 3/4” glass and it kept falling off unless I wedged it against something else. There was a magnet upgrade kit for a while but it was something silly like $100 last I saw one, so it was worth getting the bigger model.

In short, get the 350 and turn it down if needed. You could also always put on a couple extra of the nem guards they come with to cut the flow down.

Oakland Evan

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I run 2x 250's on my 210 gallon (at about 60% max) and love them, upgraded from the 230's and my corals are much happier.


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I used to run an 180 (might have been a 210, either way 72"x24") SPS tank with a pair of 250s that did very well. The 230 in my 170 on the other hand (60"x24") is about useless. I've seen them do nicely in 50ish gallon cubes.