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A pretty cool reef-building hard coral from the pacific (mostly Japan and Australia), but it's part of subclass octocorallia, making it related to soft coral (same group as leathers, gorgonia, xenia, clove polyps, GSP, etc.). It's the only octocoral with a massive skeleton, which grows in a branching or thin-wall like pattern. Its skeleton is blue when it dies

In some tanks its growth may be fast enough to be somewhat invasive, but since it can tolerate a wide range of parameters, I've found keeping it in relatively lower light (100 μmol·m−2·s−1) stalls its growth significantly.

It is brown and does not glow, but is extremely hardy and unique enough to be worth a shot. From what I know it's an old school coral

Pickup in SJ if interested :)
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Hey, I was just looking into this coral! I thought I had a piece, but it disappeared in my tank somewhere into the rockwork.
It is probably alive. This thing can survive anything - it got buried under a rock for three weeks when I got it six months ago, and it came out fine lol
Do you have a picture of it? I have a softy tank and think it would be a lovely addition. Is it actually blue?
Unfortunately it is not blue. It is maroon/brown while alive. This is the available frag


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