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Hi guys, new to the fourm and though i would introduce myself. Been out fo the hobby for a few years. Then i started a 30g just this past monday and now im all in again. Hoping to not make as many mistakes in the past, im sure ill make a few but at least i have more patience now. Hoping to meet some like minded people and be able to share information. anyhow hello


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Hi Jamie and welcome to the forums. Feel free to lurk around :)

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taking some photos now, anyone got a good recomendation on an app to help track everything. or i can just go with my age and write it down in a notebook


I use apex to track dosing and tests. And Sortly app on iPhone for coral tracking

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I’m interested to learn more about how you use Sortly. Maybe you can make a thread or otherwise post some details. Is the free version sufficient for coral inventory?