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Here we go again - Dave's 120 g


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So after a lot of thinking I am about to get back into this hobby after about a 7 or 8 years break. I used to have a 210 TruVu with the AquaSpace Light (3x 250w DE MH + 4 actinic PC's), Euro Reef Skimmer and a fairly simple sump.

This time I am going with a little smaller 120g glass. I have my task/cabinet being delivered on Friday, picked up my Kessil AP 700 last night and was slowly going to plan this out until .... boom, a friend lets me know they are selling up a whole system. So I am diving in with their whole love stock and some other goodies from their system.

Here is what I got from them:

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.42.00 AM.png

  • Established 100 Gallon column (cylindrical) acrylic Reef tank.
  • Lighting: 2 x75/120 VMH Ice Cap Ballasts 2x175 watt 14,000 k Halide bulbs - New bulbs.
  • 2 new pumps : Eheim 1260 + Rio 1700
  • Sump, Reef Octopus OCTX200, Artica Titanium 1/5 HP chiller, 250w titanium heater
  • Electronic salinity meter. Cleaning accessories and supplies are included
  • 4 backup battery operated air pumps
  • Live stock: Extra large clam, 2 shrimp, 2 mini carpet anemones, 4 rose anemones, at least 12 mushrooms, at least 3 torch corrals, 2 laser corals, one cat coral, 1 brain coral, grass coral, multiple fish
  • As a bonus complete RO/DI system

Now, here is the tank / cabinet I just bought:


Now I have the fun challenge of moving both setting up my tank AND moving my friends system practically at the same time ;). Luckily it's only moving from San Ramon to my place in Dublin.

Now .... back to the Internet to order some more goodies :)



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Good thing is I think I got the current set up and tank for a steal at $900 with all that gear. Just hope I can move things across without too much disturbance to cycle.


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Ah ok, well a cylinder should be nice to the right person. Always warned against them when I was new in the hobby, but after seeing some at trade shows and what not they can be quite interesting.


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Yeah - It's not without it's fair share of scratches! And the descriptions I pulled from their CL advert, so I'd probably take most of it with a "pinch of salt" ... ;) When I get my hands on them I'll find out what they really are!


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I gotta admit, that cylinder is calling out to me:eek: Peter is thinking about a jellyfish tank.
You know where to find me! Will probably be a few weeks before I am fully set up and can swap over ...

Stand + Tank need some TLC, but in pretty good shape generally


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Overflow is a central cylinder ... Not sure what jelly's need, but probably not too safe around the teeth I'm guessing ....


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Ok - So got the tank delivered and started some basic stuff. Leak test was #1. I lost a 210G on my hardwood floor last time around, so I've learned that lesson the hard way :)


Had the boys helping me do some simple plumbing for my valves also ....

Here's the wall on the house it will be going against - We are having the floors switched out now and then hoping to move in the stand etc. this weekend.

And of course my on-line shopping list is pretty much non-stop right now :)


What lesson u learnt from your 210 gallon over hard floor? I’d think if it started leaking there was time to empty it before damaging wood floor?


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Well the problem was, I was on vacation in St. Martin and my neighbor was helping with feeding etc .... he came in one day and ... well, it was a mess! Luckily there was a LFS called Wet Pets in El Sobrante that helped out housing my stock.


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Been having new floors installed before I can move my tank into the house:
Old Tile:


New Flooring:

Now I can make a start with withe the stand and plumbing through into the Garage :)


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I would suggest you get some better shutoff valve those are super hard to turn. Go with some gate valve for better fine tuning since you going to do it now so do it once

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