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How often to feed Mandarin goby?

Jonathan Chia

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I have a mandarin goby that is eating LRS and frozen hikari Mysis. I also have pods in the tank, but now sure if the population can be sustained with a possum wrasse and mandarin hunting all day

is feeding 1-2 times a day enough?

Bruce Spiegelman

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Two times is fine as long as you see him actively eating pellets of Mysis when you feed. One or two LRS pellets is worth dozens of pods probably anyway.


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I would restock your pods supply when you can. I like to make sure there are more than enough


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Build a pod hotel... load it up initially once every two weeks for first 2 months...then forget about it. that usually keeps them fat and happy. (I've kept mandarins in a 13.5G with no additional feedings once everything is establish... fat and happy ones, I might add)

if you like to feed, they tend to take shrimp eggs you can get at Neptune easily.