How to keep your DBTC Alive and Functional


DBTC = Don't Break The Chain

Why do people do this DBTC thing?

  1. To keep a backup of their corals, in case their coral dies.
    • Example: You give 3 frags of Red Planet Acro away to 3 different people.
      • They are now growing their frags out.
      • If yours or someone in the Chain loses their Acro. Any person in the chain can give that person a new frag back for free.
      • dbtcimage.jpg
  2. To promote the local propagation of corals instead of depending on the harvesting of corals from the wild.

Okay does DBTC actually work?

  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work.
  • Sometimes people sell the frags they were suppose to keep/grow out in DBTC.
  • Sometimes the frags die.

Common Issues with DBTC

  • Everyone's frags died.
  • People sold their frags.
  • People forget what frags were DBTC.
  • People don't care about your DBTC and just scored some free coral.
  • I made a DBTC but nobody wants to join.

So how do you make DBTC work better?

  1. Give frags to people who you think will continue the DBTC.
    • If it's a frag you really care about. Don't give it some stranger who never posts except when they want free stuff.
    • Sorry newbies, you're gonna have to hang around some more to earn the trust of your fellow club mates. Post often.
  2. Give frags to people who can keep your Coral Alive.
    • If this person is struggling to keep Kenya Trees alive, maybe it's not a good idea to trust in him to keep your coral alive.
    • Having a tank journal and posting often definitely helps proves your ability to grow corals
  3. Post in your DBTC and ask for Updates.
    • You can ask "Hey everyone, how are your frags doing?"
      • If their frag died, removed them from the chain.
  4. No one joined your DBTC?
    • Bump your thread. Not everyone looks at the forums every single day.
    • Or it might not be an attractive coral. Kenya Trees are not the best DBTC coral and a lot of people don't want it.
  5. Add your own rules to make your DBTC work better.
Tips for people joining other people's DBTC
  1. The DBTC starter is mainly interested in protecting his "coral chain".
  2. Only join a DBTC if you think you will keep the coral for a while.
  3. Benefit for DBTC Starter =
    • Someone else is growing his/her coral as a backup.
  4. Benefit for DBTC Participants =
    • You are part of a chain where you can ask for frags back if yours dies.
    • You get a coral for free.

Honestly, the most effective DBTC's are the ones that YOU and the growers really care about. If you care about the coral, you will work to keep it alive. If people care about that coral, they will keep it alive in their tank.

What is DBTC? click here.
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