Issue with Mantipora Setosa


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What do you guys think that I can do with this mantipora. I really want to get it back in full shape. It was alright for like 2 weeks after the frag swap and then it strted to be worst and worst.
I used to have the coral in medium height but the flow was not really that strong over there.
Now I moved it on the button of the tank where it has more flow.

My other corals are doing good. Except the green mantipora. The skeleton is not green but the polyps are green and open. The ananome, zoas, tourches, nephtea and acanes are doing good.

Recently I switch the lights and now I am not sure if is cuz of the lights or why is doing this but I have decreased the intensity of the lights as well.
Here are the water parameters
11/16/201913:3078.61.0258.10010450 api913800
It started to have 2 dots of green moss and then is started to be more and more. And I tried to clean it with a brush in the biginning, but now I see is too much.

Also here is an image with the coral


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On this one, I receive from Mike. And the polyps are open, but it started to have 2 green moss dots. I circle them with yellow.
Only on the past 2 day's I started to direct more flow in that area.
What can I do?


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First one, be patient.

Second one, clip off the pittle piece of skeleton that has algae growing or hope one of your herbivores finds it.

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After the frag swap, did you dip it in anything? Montis don't respond well to certain dips. Looks like the flesh sloughed off.


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Nop, I did not do any dip to the monti. I got it from Garvin and I did not do the dipping. It was fine, it looked like the secound image and I saw it was clipped in 2 parts then I saw little by little getting more green moss. Then I cleaned it with a brush and now it got worst.
The coral din not get much flow.


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I got a frag from Mike @Coral reefer and grew it out. Made one frag for the regional frag swap. If you got the second one from Mike, then it is the same coral. Medium light, medium flow. This grows very well in my tank.

A Aaron

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Every time my nitrates or phosphates went down to zero I would get little die off spots and then they would get a little algae growing. The only remedy in my mind is to clip it off where it’s dead, fix the problem and it should grow over it like when it gets fragged. Once my nitrates and phosphates was steady and NOT at zero I never had it happen again.


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Yeah I wouldn't have much faith in that Setosa frag, sure montipora can have some crazy grow back ability but that frag looks too far gone that anything you could possible do will actually have an effect on it. It's not that it died off, there's die off and then algae appears to have already grown on the skeleton.