got ethical husbandry?

Joe's 50 rimless without sump or skimmer (upgraded from 40 breeder)

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How much are you feeding? Looks great to me!

Thanks. I feed flake food like the picture below 5 days a week. I feed a frozen cube on Wednesday and Friday.

Although my NO3/PO4 levels are closed to zero again. Sigh...Time to feed even more!
Still struggling to feed the right amount on a consistent basis as the PO4/NO3 levels fluctuate.
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Found out yesterday that the tank had dangerously low ALK, luckily SPSs were still looking healthy (except for the green one in the center).
Since early July, I added more fish and fed more, but the PO 4 level is still on the low side, and the SPSs look pale and have thinner flesh.
I like the color overall but I want them to look fuller and thicker. So I need to feed and dose even more! :)



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Here are some top down shots taken with a yellow filter under 2 x reef brite (actinic), 1 x unkonwn LED strip.
After replacing the 70% of biomedia in the canister filter, my NO3 level soared to 20+ ppm (from around 5ppm) since 2 weeks ago but it actualiy helped overall color and health of the acros. So it has been a blessing in disguise :)

This acid trip from jhyunh is my favorite acro. It gets more pink coloration with more nutrients.

OG bounce is getting more giant bubbles under 100par and with low flow.

Garf Bonsai from jhyunh

Chalices are growing too big.
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Update Sept 17:
  • Most importantly I would like to say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who have helped me save my corals during the crash and also donated lots of corals."
  • Since my tank is so empty, I acquired a huge toadstool that is much bigger than I thought it would be.
  • The tank suffered a dino outbreak which went away after battling it for about a week.
  • The tank has some excess algae after the crash but about 70% of it is gone after adding tiny tomini tang, astrea snails, and hermits.
  • Removing calcium buildups on the upper area of the aquarium using vinegar-dipped kitchen towel pads.

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9/26/22 Fun lil project:
Since my tank is skimmerless and does not have a lot of surface agitation, I built this "tiny HOB oxygen chamber" to provide more oxygen for fish (and maybe a micro amount of help to raise PH).
Water inlet and outlet will need to be added by drilling one or two small holes on the bottom and somewhere around the upper area of the chamber.
The air pump will be located outside the window to supply fresh O2. Also added 5 layers of mesh to prevent water splash.