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June 26, 2021 - Member's Frag Swap

RSVP required- Will you be attending?

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Test piloting QR codes to see if the frag's mother colony picture is handy or not. Excited to attend my first swap in over 10 years!


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Since TIm has graciously allowed me to temporarily switch out the lights, I will be there pretty early to get that done before the swap so that I will have time to fulfill my volunteer duties.
Awesome of you to think of your volunteer duties, but if you need more time don't sweat it we'll get someone to cover for you.
turns out my wife will be working at the hospital this weekend. i will have a secret ninja agent shuttle a few sps for some individuals. hopefully i can attend the next event. every one have fun and drive safe.
Looking forward to seeing everyone. Will be arriving early from Far East bay (Pleasanton) to try to get a good parking spot? And parking recommendations for first timer?

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Parking has been findable in the recent past, early is better. There is a giants A’s game in sf (7:05 start) sat not too far away, sometimes people park near the brewery for games, we should be done before they show up though. There is some free parking and some meter parking. Meters mostly take cards now as well as coins. If you are able and willing to walk 5-10 minutes I would think parking will not be terrible.
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Too lazy to look, but maybe one of the BOD members can post and link to some of the dipping protocols and practices? It would be extremely useful for those that haven't been to a swap or aren't used to dipping their corals.


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Unfortunately over the past year or two San Francisco turned 7th street into a "main bike route" which effectively took away all the parking on one side of the street that used to be free.

As Mike said early is better, it is San Francisco and parking is not a guaranteed thing, you may have to do a spiral search pattern if you want to find street parking, or jump into google maps and search for 100 Hooper st. then click "nearby" and enter "parking" in the search window and you should see some pay lots if that's the case. Just make sure not to leave anything of value, or not, visible in your car i.e. a duffle bag or something, not saying the area is crime ridden but that's a really good way to get a window busted into in most bigger cities.

Also of note, if you manage to get to the swap after it started, for whatever reason, we will try to put you a picking group for a letter that is upcoming however you will not get to pick extra for rounds you may have missed.


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Btw here's a map of where to go, 100 Hooper street is the whole building, and the actual place is half way up the block. There's an open area where you can walk in where the arrow is. The mezzanine area is near the back of the place, there should be an open door at the back as well as the overflow area if people want to "get away" or just be in the fresh air is where the words "Dawson Custom Workroom" is (shadowed area between the buildings.)


Max Mangolin

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Hi everyone,
I would love to check out this event but I don't have any frags to swap.
If anyone has any extras and would like to donate, I will gladly take it off your hands.
Thank you