lhuynh's 750 Red Sea Reefer XXL


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This will be my journal for my journey back into saltwater aquariums after a 15+ year break. Bought this tank used and got it setup back in December, but I've been traveling SOOOO much, I've just had it running without much of a chance to add any livestock. I ultimately want a mixed SPS/LPS mainly tank, but given I've never really done the coral thing, I'm sure I'll learn some lessons along the way.

Some photos to get started. I'm messing with the aquascaping after I took these photos b/c I have a couple of big flat marco reef rock pieces I want to try and integrate. I hate my changes so far, Will post new photos when I get to something I like again.

I'm also getting my frag QT and fish QT setup going, and will need to get some starter frags to get me going. I'm super anal about that stuff b/c of my PTSD with Ich. Here it goes...




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Been a while since updating this. Moved around rock. I let the algae run its course a bit and was brutally ugly. Did a water change and finally cleaned glass, scrubbed a few rocks. Algae seems to be less aggressive after that. Going to get a refugium going soon. Only one firefish in the tank right now, and it never comes out! Have some fish in QT and a few frags in QT. Really need to add some more into QT. This Covid word has slowed things down!

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