Loaner QT Available


Supporting Member
I set up a QT tank in order to treat a new batch of fish before introducing them to my display. I finally added the fish to the display a week or so ago and it looks like everything is going well - so it's time to break down the QT.

Purchasing all the STUFF needed to run a decent QT tank was a pain in the neck, and expensive!

If there's any interest, I'd like to turn it into a resource for club members who need to treat their fish for whatever reason.

- 29g tank, stand, glass lid
- HOB filter and some filter floss
- Powerhead
- Heater
- Power strip
- Fake "rocks"
- Cleaner magnet
- Hanna high range copper checker and some reagents

- Prazipro
- Prime
- Copper Power
- Kanaplex
- Metroplex
- Furan-2

Basically all I ask is that it should be returned with a useful level of chemicals/supplies so the next person doesn't have to start from square one.