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MacBook Pro Problems


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My wife's Mac has been acting very strange. It says her thumb drive has been ejected when it hasn't been. We have run a scan and no virus was found. We could take it to the Apple store, but it's 4-5 yrs old and that might be expensive. That might be the best option, though. Can anyone suggest where we should take it? Thx
Steve Patchin


I'm not a Mac expert but under windows, you can uninstall hardware and then scan for hardware changes to reinstall what was removed; maybe there's something similar in Apple 's OS ?
Turn off your Mac, once it's completely off. Press the power button, and as soon as you hear the startup chime, hold down
Command-Option-P-R. You will see it turn off and on, let that happen for 2-3 time. After that release all the keys and everything should be back to normal

Let me know if that work.


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We tried it and it didn't help. Plus the thumb drive she used was wiped clean. Ouch!!


Have you tried other thumb drives? The two things to look for are:

1. Is the actual USB port broken
2. Is the thumb drive itself broken

Try a different thumb drive, or try a totally different device and plug it in and see if it'll recognize it. You can first figure out if the USB port is the problem. If the USB is totally working on other devices, it's probably the thumb drive.

Also, you can try the thumb drive on a different computer and see if that works. If it doesn't, then it's the thumb drive. If it does, then eventually you'll need to take it in somewhere to get it fixed.


Some thumb drives don't work on Macs. I notice sometimes I'll get one and report like miniscule size like 256k.