got ethical husbandry?

Max’s nano reef

Not much to update. Here’s a full tank picture I got while it was looking nice after a water change and glass scraping.

I sent out an ICP and weekly 5 gal water changes and dosing the ati 2 part has kept everything in line. I’ll be using those results as a baseline going forward, I expect once some things grow more I may need to supplement some trace. Like I saw iodine and manganese were a bit low. Pretty much been keeping the ATO res topped off, letting the doser do its thing, then doing a weekly water change and testing.

You tank is looking pretty clean!!! I like it.
Thanks! I think the bottom is a little sterile looking so I just glued a monti to the bottom glass and will get some more soon. But loving bare bottom now that I made it through the first few months. I just pull a Nero off the wall and blast everything into a corner and siphon it out
Did a water change today and cleaned out some of the back chambers. Water is a little cloudy from stirring that stuff up, but it made for some cool lighting in this picture

I set my lights to the setting Neptune aquatics uses and it is pretty nice for pictures, but I prefer slightly more blue (it hides the algae on the pumps I’ll be cleaning next week)

Tank has been grooving recently. I work on the tank because I want to, rather than a situation requiring me to work on the tank. It has made me appreciate the hobby more than when I was facing issues. I believe I am becoming more patient as I learn.

here are some top down pictures of some of the acros
Got some pics under just white lighting. No filter just my phones camera. I wanted to clearly see how much algae there is to see if the CUC I add next week will have an impact.