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Howdy all, just got a media reactor on craigslist with some other equipment. I just started a new tank, a 75 gallon and a 55 gallon both attached to a 55 gallon sump. And I don’t have a whole lot of bio load yet. My question is should I wait to hook up the reactor until my tank is more established? I’m already running a little bit of Carbon in a bag. What do you think the most useful media would be in my situation?
Thank you. Also I got a UV sterilizer, and just bought a new bulb for it, should I set that up now as well, or wait?

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My parameters seem pretty solid, my nitrates are at about three to five, but I’m about to do a water change and it should go down some.

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I’d do the light now. I usually run gfo in a reactor and carbon in a bag. Probably don’t need gfo yet. I’d wait until you see phosphate of at least .1