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Bay Area Reefers Board of Directors 2019

President - Will (@Wlachnit)
My name is Will and I am a least since 2006 when I committed to a 300g mixed reef in the family room. Although I did keep saltwater fish 40y ago while in college....for a short time....which didn't really count. I live in Pleasanton, have a passion for cooking for my family, and love tinkering around in my woodshop.
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Vice President - John (@JVU)
Hi. I started my first reef tank in 2002 with the nudging and help from a friend, without really knowing what I was doing. The combination of the Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering aspects with the beauty and wonder of reef systems really clicked for me, and I’ve been enjoying and learning ever since. My first decade of reefing was on an extremely limited time/money budget but more recently have been able to upgrade to better equipment and invest more effort. I have extensive experience in how to do things wrong and am happy to share.

Treasurer -

Sponsorship / Public Relations - Daniel @The_Lazy_Reefer

Secretary / Social Specialist - Dave (@2manyhobbies)
My name is David Corkrum and I have been a member of Bay area Reefers since 2011. My reef tank has been running for about 8 years and I have successfully grown every coral that has been placed in it. My non-profit experience: twenty-one years as a volunteer for OrchidMania (OM) where I served as Grants coordinator, Volunteer coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary and President. OM raised and sold orchids with proceeds going to grass-roots AIDS organization. For the past 8 years, I have been the Recording Secretary for the Musical Box Society International (MBSI). I travel twice a year to various cities in the US to attend meetings of the Board of Directors, record the minutes, then transcribe and submit the report to the Directors. I am happy to serve as Secretary for the Bay Area Reefers and look forward to learning as much as I can about reef aquariums.

Facilities Coordinator - Garvin (@glee)
I started my first reef tank in 2004? (has it been that long) when I inherited a 55g tank from my brother-in-law. It was a FOWLR with juvenile Blue Face, Emperor, Tangs, clowns, and few others. I started a second 30g softies tank with pulsing xenia, kenya trees, mushrooms, and zoas shortly after. The 55g later got converted to a mixed reef. I ended up shutting down both tanks in favor of a single 100g tank which I still maintain today. I have been an on and off member since 2007. This is my first attempt at BOD and hope to bring you the best locations for our upcoming meetings. I appreciate feedback and am open to new ideas so feel free to message me about anything.

Webmaster - Mark @rygh
Hi! I live in Union City, and have a 240G mixed reef. My first experience with aquariums was over 40 years ago, but I still consider myself a "noob" on many things. My tanks is more about fish and softies, although the number of SPS has been increasing lately.
Current tank thread:

DBTC officer at large - Mike (@Coral reefer)
Mike wanted you to know he is 30 years old, grew up in Alamo (East Bay) and obtained a BA in Geography from UCSB. He was hooked by a friends dad's in-wall tank with a huge lionfish in first grade. He started with a 10 gal fresh water at age 7, got into fish only salt water in college and more recently reef tanks (such as his home 120) Mike says "BAR has really helped me learn a ton, and make some really good reefing buddies." His other hobbies include attending Giants games, listening to baseball on the radio, and hanging with his dog.

Frag Swap Coordinator officer at large - Mike @sfsuphysics
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