Members Picture Thread


We have so many members and most of us know each other only by our handles. So I was hoping everyone would join me in adding a face tot he names and post a pic of yourself. I guess I'll put myself out there and post the first pic.
Rich tired of waiting for his wife to push his daughter out, takes things into his own hands and expedites the birth!


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Guys, please add your REAL first names too! I'll post when I find a pic that doesn't scare away small children.

V = Vincerama2 = Vince
Darcy aka darcitananda: me looking au naturel. I'm not the most photogenic person so I had to search for a while to find a decent pic.

Hi Dave,
Yes, I'm back. I'm determined to get my tank (or a smaller one) back in shape so that it can be enjoyed properly. I haven't been to a swap in over a year I think. I hope to make it in Feb! I would even be happy with xenia!