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Mithrax Crab (ordered by mistake)


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Hi all,

I have a reefcleaners order coming my way in the next couple of days. I accidentally ordered the package that has an emerald or ruby mithrax crab:

From the description:
Emerald or Ruby Mithrax Crab - Mithrax crabs have dull claws that allow them to scrape algae from your liverock, and are good at removing bubble algae, dictyota, some species of caulerpa, and other complex macroalgae. The size of your bubble algae problem will largely determine the amount of emerald crabs that your tank will need to get the job done. Mithrax crabs are omnivores, and will also scavenge for food. They prefer to spend their time on hard surfaces that they can cling to.

I don't want it in my nano due to prior bad experiences with the species... If anyone is interested, let me know. Located in SF. Order shipped today, so imagining it'll be here by the weekend or early next week. I wouldn't want to hold it very long because I don't have a sump or anywhere to keep it.


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Still available. If some can come get it in SF (Richmond) today, it’s here. Otherwise I’ll take it to lucky ocean later.