Our mission

Mystic monti

Coral reefer

DBTC Officer
Red with purple polyps encrusting monti.
Will add pic later

Standard dbtc rules, meaning put 2 equal or larger frags back into the chain than what you received.

Update every 6 months or so, pics are a plus.

Would prefer this is only given out through the dbtc program, or for free to supporting members, or entered into BAR frag swaps.

Trying to avoid people taking frags with the intention of selling them in the future.

Please have a tank journal.
Got a frag from @Alexx today. I placed it next to the the DBTC encrusting monti which has been having great PE lately. Hopefully they enjoy similar conditions
You Dont want mine anymore?!?
More the merrier, I just had Alex picking up some frags and he offered it. I got a lot of rock to cover, and my plan for these encrusters is I can take the whole rock piece out to cut with a bandsaw since each structure I’m putting encrusters on is small, hopefully that’ll work out to be a good grow out plan. My rocks are all two little fishies grow out frag rocks haha

Is that Goni hitchhiking?

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That’s below, I took that pic through my feeding ring since the surface is less agitated and the Goni just lined up haha.