Natefank's odd shaped 30gal build


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I inherited this tank and cabinet from my brother. He made the cabinet and had the tank custom made to fit it. It's right around 30 gal with the overflow.

This will be tank #4 for our house, we have a 40b planted tank, a 30g and a 10g LPS and softie tanks.

I am using a Make My LED Coral Sun XB2 for the light. I've had great experience with my Make My LED lights for my planted tank.
This pic is before I got the Make My LED light


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Ya, I have always loved this tank. My brother was the one who did the black sand, I'll get an updated pic later, I got an orange Fungia in there and the Fungia absolutely pops with the black sand



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I like it! The slanted glass will make it significantly easier to get pictures of corals without distortion.


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Wanted to do a little update. Got my Make My LED light like a week after the original post, I really like the adjustability of it, I wish it had more blue though. I got the fully programmable controller with it, so i can have it ramp up and down through out the day. I only have it ramp up to 50% right no. I want to borrow the club PAR meter when I can and see what this light makes.

I'm dealing with diatoms now but they seem to be clearing up day by day.

Here's some tank shots with full spectrum and just blues (with orange filter)