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New Member Area/Introduce yourself thread


Well since there is none and I am knew, this is my suggestion. A place that everyone can see who is who and to give the newbies like myself a chance to introduce ourselves

My name is Gorm, I have recently joined BAR after trying to find something just like this for some time. I am relatively new to the Saltwater area, but had several freshwater tanks for years. Although I am knew, I feel I am confident in my ability, with the exception to tell you what is in my tank!

I am currently in the Coast Guard at Yerba Buena ISland, and was in the Navy prior to that. I have over 12 years of total service thusfar.

I am an electrician by trade, so if you need anything electrical, chances are I know how to get it and probably at a reduced cost.

Hope to see you all on Saturday.



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My name is Rich and I am currently BAR persident. I was a founding member of BAR, and a member of BARE before that.

I breed cuttlefish in a 150 gallon system, and I have a 150 show tank with 200+ gallons of remote sump.

Here is a pic of me, and you can learn more about me here:



Hi Gorm,

I'm Eileen and I live in SF. I have a 58g mixed reef tank and going to be starting a 120g in the upcoming months.

Welcome to BAR.


I'm Gresham and I'm currently BAR VP. I have two 30g frag tanks running and I'm in the middle of setting up a 4'x5'x16" tall eurobraced frag tank. I'm also setting up a 240g greenhouse tank at my work in the near future that will be a mixed reef :D


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Hi I am Arnold (APON),

I am the BAR supply manager. I have 3 tanks 120 mixed reef, 25 softie at work, and a 10 gal softie for a pair of clowns that were chased out of my big tank.


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Hi I'm Mike, and I'm a recoveri... er wait wrong intro.

The only relation to BAR I have is when they collect my yearly dues, I live in San Francisco, I currently have 3 tanks, 135g, 120g, 50g of which the 120g is empty for a few more weeks. I'm a cancer (in more ways than one), and I enjoy long walks on the beach. damn wrong one again.

I have a picture, but no animals on my head, problem is it's me at a wedding and makes me look much better than I normally do so posting it would not serve any purpose to help you recognize who I am.

I also have a tendancy to rant on certain subjects so if you start to see stuff you're not interested in just glaze over to the next post.. :)
Hi I'm Stephen, and I'm a reefaholic.

I have a 55 gallon and a rubbermaid sump. It was mainly a LPS/Softie tank but it became totally mixed after this weekends workshop. I'm very new to this hobby and it would not have been posssible without the help of BAR and reefcentral.

- Bar Recorder



I'm the other Jim, current BAR treasurer. I live in Vallejo, and have 2 tanks, a 180 mixed reef and a 42 Hex. I've bred tomato clown and banggai cardinals in the past. The 42 hex has a pair of banggais that seem to like each other; hopefully they'll have babies soon. Barry White background music might help.

Here's a picture of me.

If interested in tank pictures, just go to



I'm Phong. I have a 100G /w a 50G sump. It's mix reef right now. I'm setting up a 29G for SPS only. I'm in San Jose.

Mr. Ugly

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Norman here. AKA Mr. Ugly. Actually, Mr. Ugly was the name of my first frogfish.

<---- The one in the avatar is Mr. Moldy.

I have two main tanks right now. A 72 bow front sps/lps reef with sump and fuge. That's where Mr. Moldy lives. He's the only fish in the tank, so there are hecka lot of pods and mysids keeping him company.

The other tank is an 80 gallon softie with sump... more like a xenia forest with rocks, caves, and cutesy fish. Some people get creeped out about the devil hands, finger leathers, etc in this tank :)

The rest of the tanks are a miscellaneous assortment of Minibow 7's, 5g hexes, 10's, and a 37.

I have a 100g plex that I'm planning to set up as a sump/fuge to support a bunch of small frogfish tanks. Guess you can tell that I like frogs :)


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Capescuba (Dave) I am currently the Web Master, BAR Membership director and general all around geek ;)

210 Reef which you can see in the Tank Talk forum!

Expecting my first child in January so not sure how much time reefing will get, but Rich keeps me busy with all the changes etc. :D

I'm Jonah Sharkey. I met a lot of you last weekend at the tremendously cool frag workshop.

I keep Sea Horses mainly in a 50 gallon tank. I also have a Mandarin Dragonet and a Midas Blenny.

I'm in the midst of creating a new system where I'll have the Sea Horses in a 27H refugium that feeds a 55 reef with a common 20 gallon sump.

My site is

I'm looking to keep clowns and angels (if they don't go after my coral) along with euphillia and some SPS.


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I know - bad timing on my behalf huh! I just missed this weeks fun stuff and a good chance of missing the swap as well :( But I think in the long run my child is a little more important :D And hey, he's gonna need his own tank VERY soon ;)


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Yah I guess a kid is a tad more important... well I'm giving most all my frags to Eileen to babysit/keep until I get a system that can better handle SPS corals, so if you want you can have some of my frags I get if you can't attend.