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Newbie reefer from Fremont


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Hello Everyone!

So glad I found this forum, wonderful to know that there are many reefers in the area. I am new to the hobby, completely underestimated the work involved ha ha, but still I am in love with it.

I started a 20G nano for my 7 year old who loves ocean. Tank is 5months old. My daughter is adamant about putting only captive bred inhabitants, every time I talk about adding something she goes on to research if they are captive bred or not ha ha!


Please don’t mind the algae, Have not scrubbed the glass, trying to not scare my new YWG for couple of weeks.
Tank residents:
2 da Vinci clowns

Neon greed leather,
Tiny pink Birds nest,
and Monti

I run a tiny DIY HOB refugium with Chaeto keeps nitrates and algae in control.

Happy to be here lots to learn and share!
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Wow, impressed that you 7 year old daughter is asking whether a fish is captive bred or wild caught! My 7 year old has been pretty interested in my process of starting my tank up again - been taking her with me to LFS. Older 10 year old is not as interested =( To each his own I guess!


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Welcome @Umrigark !
I like where your daughter's head is at - If more kids think like that, our future will be in good hands.
I'm sure she will appreciate the DBTC program that BAR offers.

Please don't forget to start a tank journal if you haven't already.

Following your progress!