Ofzakaria's IM 25g Lagoon


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I’d do two mp10’s especially if your going zero sand. I use gyres and mp’s on mine. I much prefer the mp’s and hate cleaning the gyres. it’s to the point where I just don’t clean the gyres anymore. Too much hassle with the cords and all the parts.


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Alternative option are Aqamai KPS... easily programmable and small.

But, if you run a mightyjet, it puts out a ton of flow at lowest speed. So in which case, throw RFGs on there and you're done.

I did similar for my IM20. I did put in a KPS to counter fight dinos when I had them but currently too much flow now. So might take the KPS out.


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I imagine my IM20 with removed sump back chamber is similar in size to your IM25 lagoon. I use one mp10 in addition to my sump return pump (not a lot of volume out of the return). I run short pulse mode at about half way power on the mp10. I don't think i could run that high if i had sand in the tank. You keep a lot of sps though... so maybe more power idk? Just wanted to share my similar tank size experience.


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Small update.
GHL P4 mega set
1x MP10
IM desktop skimmer made for the 25g lagoon
Surface skimmer to raise the water level im the tank
IM desktop media reactor (to run Rowphos)

I also dripped 10 4x4 frag tiles in my current DT to prime the tiles and use it as jump start to the bio filtration. My plan is to use some of the existing ove rocks and these tiles.
Planning to do BB on this one.

Equipment started trickling down, hopefully by mid next week I can fill the tank up and get things going.


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Did the garage insulation today. Shoutout to @RandyC who I learned this from.
Now let's see how effective it is over the coming couple days. Of its not effective enough, I'll do professional garage insulation.
Installation was relatively easy.
Before and after pic.
Needless to say my wife hated it and think it's ugly..but hey, the garage is mine:p



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I hate UPS. All 4 shipments that was suppose to arrive yesterday now saying do not even have a status update.
I will start asking vendors whats their shipment method, if its UPS I will try to find an alternative vendor who use FedEx or heck even USPS...


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anyone know of a T5 and LED(radion) fixture of solution that I can use for the 25g lagoon other than the hang on kit? Something that I can mount on the tank instead of hanging it..


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Well I can report today that the insulstion helped a bit. I think there is maybe 5 degrees reduction in the garage temp compared to yesterday. Still better than nothing.
That being said, the chiller will be very important for this setup especially given the small water volume the system will be, which only means quick temp fluctuations.