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Patio's IM 75 EXT


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Got a new tank a month or so back and just finished leak testing last weekend. Rocks are in and getting a nice slime coat. Maybe start adding stuff from my drilled IM20 over in the coming weeks.



I like the look. Only problem if you had a fuge. Those lights can get annoying.
Yes true! I am thinking of sticking with my Santa Monica Rain Scrubber but even some of that light spills a little. The doors are fairly simply to click in which is cool for flexibility. I just love being able to glance over before heading to work and being able to see the entire system and if anything seems off. But doors hide the mess and some of the sounds.
I like your aquascape!
Excuse my ignorance, but why is the slime a good thing? What is it?
I thought the beneficial bacteria just coat the rocks but are not visable.
I thought the beneficial bacteria just coat the rocks but are not visable.
I think this as well? The last two tanks I have setup with dry rock -that i let sit without light for a month- have both gone crazy with what appears to be bacteria goo. After a month I plug in a cheap green killing machine UV sterilizer and it seems to clear a bit. I will use a net to collect the excess stringy slime.

I like your aquascape!
Thanks! I really liked this Aqua Forest rock and the shapes that came in the box. At a glance, it seems more porous than some dry options I have used in the past.
I swear there are fish in there:

royal gramma - Aquatic Collection
yellow line cleaner goby - Aquatic Collection
white tail kole tang - Ocean Devotion
yellow tang - Biota
Clown (I don't know name of morph) - High Tide Aquatics
I am trying to hold off as long as possible but soon should be adding a third xr15 blue to the light rail. I picked one up from Bob last November and will need to run a factory reset. Never done that before, may ask for help if I have trouble with the ecotech instructions...

If PAR meters did not exist and your current 2 xr15s are running at 75%, what would you start your % off with when adding a third? Run all three at 40%?