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POLL: What kind of corals do YOU keep? Important Data

What kind of corals do you keep/like to keep?

  • Mostly SPS Corals

    Votes: 9 12.7%
  • Mostly LPS/Softies Corals

    Votes: 21 29.6%
  • Mostly Soft Corals

    Votes: 5 7.0%
  • Mixed Reef (I keep an equal amount of everything)

    Votes: 31 43.7%
  • I have separate tanks for each coral group (lps vs sps)

    Votes: 5 7.0%

  • Total voters
Hey folks,

I need to know what corals the majority of BAR keeps for Sponsorship/Contest purposes.

  • Are you hardcore small polyp stony (SPS) coral keepers?
  • Are you strictly Large Polyp Stony (LPS)/Softies coral keepers?
  • Do you keep a mixed reef tank with SPS, LPS, and Soft Corals?
  • Or do you only keep soft corals (example: mushrooms, zoas, kenya trees, xenia)?

If you mostly keep LPS with one or two SPS, I'd consider you under the "Mostly LPS" Category.

This information will be used for determining coral grow-out contests, raffle prize purchases, etc. so vote or else.

Don't worry the results of this poll will not determine all decisions made by the BOD. I know we all keep a little bit of everything in these categories and we'll try to appeal to all members. I simply want to know what the majority of us like.


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You might consider an "Mostly Softy + LPS" option.
Not because I am nitpicking, but because I think a lot of folks do that.
Keeping SPS can be difficult, so we have a few ... but mostly other types.
Done! Cast your votes. If y'all want to see some fuego colored sticks in the grow-out contests/other prizes then vote.


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wanted to go mostly sps cause those are my favorites but current system will not allow them so now its just zoa's and other easy lps
I'm starting to like sps mainly because of the acroporas and montiporas. For a while the acros just looked like brown sticks with a bit of color here and there but man when you see some nice pieces. Some acroporas are loaded with like 4 or 5 colors. My favorite acro is the Strawberry Shortcake.

I feel like if you really want to get the absolute best color/growth for either LPS or SPS you have to have a specific tank for it. Otherwise you need a deep tank and then you gotta deal with the different light intensities and flow. All of the acros in my tank brown out. If I turn up the intensity/whiter lights, my zoas/acans start closing or fading.
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Hmmm this is actually not an easy question. I used to keep mostly SPS and had a fantastic display... but new tank, new issues to deal with, and I'm dialing it back (especially after I killed a few frags months ago that were all SPS, yet one montipora is doing great for some reason).


Same system but separate tanks. I have a mixed tank for all kinds of coral , algae, and hitchhikers. I also have an SPS only tank thats connected to the same sump with one Chalice in it that I want to cover the bare bottom part of the tank.


I would not say that I keep an equal amount of EVERYTHING but I do keep a mixed reef with mostly sps by volume. ;)


I'm keeping at mixed reef at the moment. Got few frags of everything. From zoas, to acans, to monti caps, birdsnest and even a gorgonian


Pretty much just lps zoas and softies right now. If I ever get my big tank up it will eventually be a little more mixed but still lps heavy.


I started with mostly softies and a few LPS. But I've replaced them over the past year with acros, styles and monti. I still have the straggling zoanthid, mushrooms and my favorite toadstool. But SPS is totally awesome!


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I am keeping just about everything these days. Soft corals are pretty slim though. Half dozen zoas, nepthea, shrooms and some clove polyps. Lots of euphyllia, chalices, micromussa, bowerbanki, cyphastra, leptastrea and favia. Tons of acro and montipora.

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