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Red Sea Max 250

looking into this tank. I want to get tons of info before i actually take the plunge.

does anybody have this tank? or know of anybody that does?

any reviews? is it worth the price tag?

looking to see if anybody did any mods to it. i know its a fairly new tank but i see that The Aquarium Showroom has it for $1199 anywhere cheaper possibly used?

i've looked over the site and seen some videos but anymore info is helpful.


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I think Dophlin Pet Village also had 1 in.....forget the price. Call them and ask for Tyler, let him know you are a BAR member too. He is a sponsor too as well as Max.


I have no experience with it, but if you want to find a bunch of info on AIO tanks, check out THey have a forum just for AIO tanks.
thanks for the info guys

i wonder if max will give a BAR member discount?

i called a couple LFS but some dont have it or price too high


Max always give BAR members discount.

For some reasons, I don't like teh RSM too much. I think they are over priced.
i have been looking into an upgrade and an all-in-one just makes things more convient for me one plug

ive read a bunch of stuff:

- some people say the skimmers too loud
- and not too much depth


Replace the pump on the skimmer to something that's a bit quieter. Or if you want, you can just replace the entire skimmer (tunze 9002 perhaps).

Can't do much about the second part.


I have the original RSM 130, and yeah, the skimmer was really loud (have since gotten a tunze 9002), although it got a bit better after it broke in. I know they've made changes to the skimmer since, so it may be that it's better, or not.

I do like my RSM in that it's a nice, clean setup. They've also made some nice improvements to them. Their customer service is also great, in my experience.

For the price, you could probably do just as well or better by buying all the equipment separate and custom-building your system, but if you want something that's already one nice package and works pretty well out of the box, the RSM isn't bad.



You save $400 right there... Go pick it up man..