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Red sea reefer 350

Yuk SUm

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1565912616812372402674442962801.jpg 15659126430136150606383531800067.jpg 15659126582742983055398062023283.jpg Hello

My name is Yuk Sum
A little back story on me. I have always enjoy fish keeping ever since I was a little kid. I started with a 10 gallon fancy goldfish tank knowing little about the size that a goldfish needed.

As I grow up, I feel in love with planted tank as I enjoy the natural beauty of nature underwater. I fish keep with many planted tank. After graduating from college, I begin more serious in fish keeping and went with a high tech planted tank.

I was always afraid on doing saltwater tank but let alone a reef tank as I heard it was much harder to keep. Eventually after having success with my planted tank, I feel like I have enough experiences to attempt my hand on saltwater tank

Start out with a Evo 13.5 gallon fish tank but quickly realize that there are too much coral I wanted and not enough space I decided to upgrade.

So here we are. My Tank journal

Red sea reef 350

White red sea reefer 350
Kessil Ap 700
Ai nero 5 X2
Jebao DCP 10000 return pump
Nyos Skimmer 160
2 media reactor hard pump to return pump
red sea ATO converted to refugium with Innovative Marine ChaetoMax


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nice start, great equipment choices with your first saltwater try. Cant wait to see it mature.

Yuk SUm

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How do you like the Nero 5s?
I do enjoy it. I do however wish the magnet was a little stronger. But far so it have not fell off.

I brought a aqualife t5 hybrid that is going to pair up with my ap 700. Let see where my par is at with this set up.

Yuk SUm

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Added a aqualife t5 hybrid. Got my par up to 250-350 range is the upper part of the tank and mis 150 for the lower bottom the tank. Pretty happy with the t5 hybrid that pair up ap 700.