RedLeader's Reefer 170


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Alright here goes nothing: I'm finally going to start a tank journal. I'm taking my time on this build and now almost one year later and I still don't have fish in the tank. :)

Here are the details. Tank was started August 2019:
Tank: Stock Red Sea Reefer 170 with display 7.5 gallon refugium. Returns split into a Y and using VCA's RFG.
Lighting: Two AI Prime with diffuser running on a modified (lowered intensity) AB+ settings
Flow: Sicce Syncra 2.0 return pump and Current eflux powerheads (660 gph on stream flowing across the back and two 1050 gph pointed at the front on surge)
Skimmer: Octopus 110SSS (currently turned off since nutrients are so low)
Refugium: 7.5 gallon cube pumped from the DT and overflows back on 2 returns into main tank.
Additional powerhead inside for flow.. Has assorted macroalgae inside and unsightly hair algae fighting the macroalgae. Lighting is a Fluval Nano Marine. In the picture below its sunset time.
ATO: XPAqua Duetto ATO with a custom 5 gallon reservoir.
Heating: 150W Jaeger.
Dosing: 5 ml daily 2 part B-Ionic. 4ml daily Seachem Flourish Nitrogen. 2 ml daily Seachem Flourish Phosphorus. 1.5 ml daily Brightwell Coral Amino. 15 drops Kent's Iodide.
Water changes: 10% weekly using Red Sea purple bucket. 2-1/2 capfuls of Seachem Reef Plus with water change.
Parameters: SG - 1.026 (Milwaukee), Alk - 8.4 (Hanna), Calcium - 380 (Salifert), Magnesium - 1380 (Salifert), Nitrate - 10ppm (Salifert), Phosphate - 0.037ppm (Hanna ULR), pH - never tested
Control: XPAqua sensor to turn off fuge pump in case drains clog. XPAqua sensor to turn off skimmer in case cup overflows. Old Apex classic showing temperature. One of these days I'll set it up to control a chiller and heater.

Here is the way the tank looks right now.



Corals on magnetic shelves on the left side of the tank:

Space invader pectinia


Zoas. Ric garden on the sand bed.

Tank from the right side. My view from the couch.

Two Nanorox Frag Walls mounted on the overflow with 8 different types of favias. Can't wait for the favias to cover it.

Gonis about to go to sleep. Polyps much longer in the morning. The ORA red gonia has extended long enough to sting the Nirvana zoas in the back. Gonis get target fed a mix of Reef Roids, Benepets Reef Food, Reef Chili, and Goniopower every other day.

Shrooms and a JF Freak Hair Pavona

RFA and Ric Garden with a dash of Pulsing Xenia and a hint of GSP. RFA recently spawned. Spot the bright green baby on the rocks above and to the right of the all green center RFA (above the Ric yuma). Rics have been dividing and splitting.


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Hammer time (orange, gold/yellow, green with purple tips), Duncans going to sleep on the right. Favia of the gods on the upper right.

Hungry hungry candy cane and Bambam zoas up front

GSP Island and Island of the Bobbit worm. He lives in a tunnel underneath the island. Gonna get him out one of these days.

Here is what it looked like on November 2019 right after I bought a ton of new frags.


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Wow - thats a lot of corals, it will overgrow tank in no time

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Can anyone ID this little guy? I'm assuming he's a bad type of crab since he's hairy but he's in the display fuge so no harm done.