Reef nutrition

Reef octopus essence 130 replaces Vertex IN 100

Any chance of running them at the same time to see which one ends up pulling the gunk?
Sorry no. I think this is still breaking in. This is day 4 and the gunk is medium colored tea. Rotten egg smell. I’m sure it will get better. My broken in Vertex pulled darker skimmate.

Started it Tuesday evening, this is Sat AM cup.

Setting it at 9 today. One click.



So 9 went ballistic. At 12-13 setting for about a week. The old Vertex seemed to have finer bubbles to the neck. For some reason, the bubbles enlarge in the neck on this skimmer. Skimmate still medium tea.
Large bubbles can sometimes signify oil. You might consider a strong vinegar scrub of that skimmer.
Although some are normal, as small bubbles combine.

A suggestion:
Turn down the pump a bit. Raise water level a lot.


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I am not familiar with your skimmer, but I'd guess for all skimmers you can mess with the air intake or the height of the water column (on mine I adjust diff heights in the sump or adjust the outflow valve.)


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Actually, my skimmer is a really old design, not like yours. I think try more of what @rygh suggested, but do you think you just have too much flow going through the skimmer? Did the volcanoing start right after you adjusted it or after some other change? I don't know if you mean you did a water change before or after the volcano started.


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Any changes? I’ve found coral epoxy putty in sufficient quantities can cause a day or two of clear wet skimmate.


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The skimmer has gone mad. Bubbles erupting! Can even put the cup on. Did water change.

Uh uhh!
I usually drain mine into a bucket or open it up a bit when this happens, although it makes me wonder if you are set too wet. If you do drain to a bucket watch your salinity and have a shut off switch in the bucket.